Women Freedom March and its impact by Aamer Habib

A few years ago, the slogan of "my body, my desire," has reached the limit of dirt that there were many slogans in this time slogans that are so vulgar that they cannot be written.
"I'm Away, I'm Misbehavior", "Dancing My Bubble, Nothing Will Say You", "Alone, Away, Free", "Take!" The right to sit, "," a woman is not a machine to produce a child "," If you like it, then tie your eyes, "" freedom from the dead man, freedom from headache "
Whatever happened in the name of the Women's Freedom March, did not only disturb the majority of people living in Pakistan, but surprised many modes and liberals that what kind of freedom are they talking about and how to ask for rights are going to
Just here I can say that God guides them.
Written by Aamer Habib
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Women Rights and Our Responsibility by Aamer Habib

It is the responsibility of the government, parliament, judiciary and the media that any external conspiracy in the name of women should not be successful here. To overcome our problems, on one hand, society needs training, on the one hand, according to Islamic teachings, all possible measures should be taken to give women their rights. We have to be careful about those who work on the Western Agenda whose main purpose is to promote pornography, nudity and neglect behavior by using the name of the woman
Written by Aamer Habib
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